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Vestibular Holiday Guide

Managing the Holiday Season with a Vestibular Disorder

Author: Cheryl Wylie, PT

Well, the holidays are here - you excited? Kinda, but worried about how the heck to manage the holiday season with your symptoms?

Here are some tips to help you get through some of the events to come so you can still have a great time!

Pace Yourself

There's often A LOT to do at this time of year and it can very quickly get overwhelming. Early on, plan ahead and don't overbook yourself to too many commitments! If there are more commitments being asked of you than you are willing to do, really sit and reflect on which are most important to you to attend. It may be a work related party, coffee with an important friend, or a night out that you look forward to every year. Skip the events that aren't important to you and focus on the ones that you know you need to attend or that you will enjoy the most. 

Shop Online

This one can be a huge game changer! If you get visual vertigo, or feel dizzy in busy environments, the mall or a packed grocery store may be the last place you want to go to. Instead of tackling the crowds, head online to do your gift and grocery shopping. And then sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and let it all come to you!

Plan Your Route

Many people with a vestibular disorder tend to get lost more easily (don't know why? Check out this blog!). Because of this, heading to a party or event in an unknown area can create stress and anxiety. Using a GPS and checking out Google Maps ahead of time can ease this anxiety. And be sure to leave lots of extra time as life still happens!

Sit at the Head of the Table

Okay, who else is LOVING this suggestion? Sitting at the head of the table doesn't just make you feel important, it will also help reduce your dizziness! Turning our heads back and forth all night talking to our neighbours can stimulate our vestibular system and cause dizziness. This is the last thing we need when trying to enjoy a delicious dinner!

Have Someone Else Drive Home

Although we can try out best, symptoms may still arise while we are out celebrating. So take the responsibility of driving home and arrange to have a friend, family member, coworker or taxi take you home. 

Hopefully these tips have helped you feel more excited about the holiday season!

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Happy Holiday's from your friend's at Healing Vertigo! ❤️🤍

About the Author 

Cheryl Wylie, is a vestibular physiotherapist and owner of Healing Vertigo. She is also the creator of our Vertigo Treatment App, and instructs vestibular courses to other healthcare professionals.
She offers virtual vestibular therapy for all Ontario Residents. If you're interested in working with Cheryl, connect below!