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Vitamin D and BPPV

Can Low Vitamin D be behind my Vertigo?

Author: Cheryl Wylie, PT

Here is what we know:

Low Vitamin D = Increase prevalence of BPPV⁣

What!? Why??

Research has shown that people with lower levels of Vitamin D not only have a higher tendency of getting BPPV, but they also have higher recurrence rates as well. ⁣

The good news is that emerging evidence is showing that we can now do something about that! ⁣In a study published in Neurology in 2020, researchers were able to show that taking Vitamin D and Calcium supplements reduced the recurrence of BPPV by an average of 24% over a one year period. ⁣

And the lower your Vitamin D levels were, the more beneficial the supplement seemed to be. At the lowest level of 10ng/mL, Vitamin D supplements reduced peoples recurrence of BPPV by an outstanding 45%!⁣

So if you are dealing with recurrent BPPV, I recommend you have your doctor check your Vitamin D and Calcium levels and ask them about supplementation. It may make a world of difference!⁣

About the Author 

Cheryl Wylie, is a vestibular physiotherapist and owner of Healing Vertigo. She is also the creator of our Vertigo Treatment App, and instructs vestibular courses to other healthcare professionals.
She offers virtual vestibular therapy for all Ontario Residents. If you're interested in working with Cheryl, connect below!