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BPPV Resource Package


What is Included

  • Access to all BPPV tests and treatment videos which will be added to your Embodia Exercise Library.These exercise videos are designed to speak directly to the patient to guide them through the test or treatment.This can be used as a resource with telehealth appointments, prescribed via Embodia's web and mobile apps, or can be printed off as follow-up care after a treatment session.

  • A Practitioner’s BPPV Flow Chart. This chart is the simplest and easiest to follow BPPV flow chart available, including step-by-step directions for all treatment maneuvers for quick access in a clinic setting.

  • BPPV Patient Education Handout, designed to educate your patient about their BPPV, and reduce anxiety and fear around the condition.

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This Resource Package is intended for any healthcare professional who may come across individuals with BPPV

You can prescribe these exercises to your patients if you are an Embodia Member (subscriber). The Embodia Membership includes home exercise prescription, free mobile apps for practitioners and patients, remote patient engagement and monitoring, two-way messaging, telerehab, and more (including a bonus of 80 free online courses). 


The total cost of the resource package is only $14.99, making it a valuable addition to your BPPV and vestibular training. In addition, Members of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) or Embodia Members get an additional 20% off. 

Course Alert! BPPV Feature: Assessing and Treating Dizziness

Cheryl Wylie's online course 'BPPV Feature: Assessing and Treating Dizziness' complements this resource package. 

Not all therapists are interested in taking post-graduate courses to learn vestibular rehabilitation, but many know the importance of recognizing BPPV with our patients, and the value of being able to resolve it. Take this opportunity to learn more about this condition and feel comfortable completing the test and treatment maneuvers with your patients.

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Healing Vertigo App

Healing Vertigo is an App designed to walk you through the assessment and treatment of BPPV. It uses the same patient-directed videos and treatment logic flow discussed in this webinar and resource package, making it a seamless resource for you and your patients. Use it as a practitioner treatment guide with your BPPV patients or recommend it to you patient's post-treatment for self-management of this condition. It reduces the challenge of BPPV treatment significantly and gives you and your patients more confidence in taking on this condition. 

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